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How to set up Auto Email Notifications with XPS Ship

This is an instructional video on how to set up automatic email notifications for manual shipments. For more information, or to schedule a live demo, give us a call at (800) 881-0288.

Video Transcript

Through your XPS Ship account, you are able to automatically send the receiver the tracking information when their email is placed in the receiver email section for both manual shipments and eCommerce shipments.

To set up automatic email notifications for manual shipments go the Settings, and choose other settings.

Here, check the first box that says “Send Email Notification for one-off shipments by default.”

Above there you will see a large text box. This is where you will write the standard message that will be sent with the tracking information. You can edit this message on a shipment by shipment basis, but this will be the default message. Scroll down and click save changes.

Now, as long as you place an email address in the email field for the receiver, they will automatically receive an email notification with their tracking information.

To set up the automatic email notification for eCommerce shipments go into settings, eCommerce integrations, and choose the integration you want XPS Ship to send email notifications.

Please note that most Ecommerce integrations send automatic email notifications when we update the integration with the tracking information.

Here you need to check the box that says “Send Confirmation email”. After selecting this box, you will see the text box appear to write your standard message. If you have set up a standard message in other settings it will populate with that message. You can edit it here if you would like. Now scroll down and save the changes.

As long as there is an email address that populates with the eCommerce order they will receive an email notification with their tracking information.

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