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How To Save Time With Custom Package Types

XPS Ship allows for you to save your custom package types for easy use of shipments in the future. For more information, or to schedule a live demo, give us a call at (800) 881-0288.

Video Transcripts

Start in the settings menu and choose Custom Package Types.

Now click the plus key on the bottom left corner for as many custom packages as you would like to add. Type in the name field the identifying name you want to appear when processing shipments. If you are setting up your own package type or using a USPS Mail Box you will want enter in the dimensions. Note that Polybags only need length or width. 

Integrated orders generally put the product weight with the order information, and populate that in the weight field as part of the package details. The additional weight field, here, gives you the ability to add the weight of the packaging; this way the package details will contain the total weight of the package, not just the weight of the product that is being shipped. Some choose to put a standard weight for the package in this field. 

The Package type is where we can select if this your own packaging know as customer packaging, a standard carrier package or to select it has a Polybag.

Finish filling out the remainder of your packages. In the end, click save.

Now if you go to the ship screen after choosing your service type you will see the custom package types you created. 

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