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The modern world is competitive and fast-paced. It can be argued that technology is progressing at faster speeds than at any time in recent history. So, a multi-carrier shipping platform is one of the most important things a business owner can consider investing in to get goods to their destinations. Reliance on one carrier is considered slightly old-fashioned at best, but at worst, that kind of dependence can hurt your business. Carriers have different strengths, so diversification of your shipping options through high-quality software and efficient multi-carrier shipping systems is considered to be a smart business choice in contemporary times. So, what does this kind of platform entail?

The Basics of a Multi-Carrier Shipping Platform

At its heart, the development of web-based or eCommerce platforms for multi-carrier shipping is intended to utilize shipping options in widespread areas for faster delivery while keeping costs low for businesses. Though your manufacturing center may be located on one coast and your client on the other coast, an intelligent network of high-quality companies can work together to achieve your shipping goals in a well-planned system. By creating a collaboration between different shipping companies, parcels and cargo can trade hands seamlessly until they reach their destinations. This can extend the reach of delivery, connecting you to clientele on a global level. It can also save money since you are able to compare the economic and time-related costs of shipping before the items have left your premises. You can choose the best option for your company, whether that is the cheapest, fastest, or most premium service.

The Benefits of Multi-Carrier Software

You may be wondering, “How can utilizing multi-carrier software help me and my business?” There are many benefits to using multi-carrier shipping software. Here are a few of our top reasons:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With deliveries typically arriving quicker than ever before, customers have grown to expect their packages and cargo to arrive in short order. Depending on your location and shipping partners, you have the opportunity to speed up your delivery service through the use of a multi-carrier shipping platform designed specifically to reduce shipping time and increase customer satisfaction. Fulfilling orders promptly without cutting any corners is a great way to boost your reputation in order to retain clients and gain new customers.

The Value of Choice

A multi-carrier shipping program allows you to choose from a variety of shipping companies and services to achieve your targets. You can evaluate the ratings and performance reviews of each available company so you know who can assist you in pleasing your clients. Gone are the days of fielding frustrated service calls from customers and clients demanding to know where their items are. You can pick the most dependable carriers within your budget, which can boost your reputation in the long run. With XPS, you have a wide variety of options which include: 


The Best Bang for Your Buck

Experienced business owners can understand that though the cheapest option may make sense in the short term, it can be devastating to business in the long run due to cut corners and poor timeliness in deliveries. As the popular saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” However, while this may have been true in decades past, modern multi-carrier software can sometimes get you a great deal on better shipping routes. With the ability to compare carriers, you can often find better prices on faster delivery to a greater range of areas. This is good news for your bottom line and your business status.

The Positive Atmosphere of Progress

When you and your employees know that your shipments will reliably go out and get to destinations thanks to smart multi-carrier shipping systems, you can benefit from increased morale in the workplace. Usually, there can be a sense of relief to be gained from the knowledge that targets can be met and productivity can be rewarded. Better company morale can help to retain staff members and interest prospective workers. Additionally, your customers and clients can benefit from the transparency afforded by a contemporary multi-carrier shipping platform. The ability to track shipments and predict when they will arrive is one of the most helpful tools in these platforms, as it helps your clients know how to meet their own targets. By fostering mutual progress in business, you can grow as a company and industry leader.

The Boost of Connectivity

A great business move is to develop integration among the various aspects of your company. One way to manage this is through the implementation of multi-carrier software. With a system that works in conjunction with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, you can save time and hassle by connecting your company activities in one place. This contributes to improved communication between departments and optimizes synergy among team members. Administrative operations can often be automated, potentially saving even more money and resources. Putting your business operations in a central hub can help give you a better picture of how your company is run, especially in the shipping department.

Ready to Switch to a Multi-Carrier Shipping System?

To succeed in business today, one of the most important things you can do is prioritize your shipping services. With an investment in a multi-carrier shipping platform, you can bring your services and cargo to more areas, often at better rates and with a better quality of service. Looking for systems that focus on improving transit time, mitigating risks, and lowering costs is a great place to start. Carriers are in competition for your business, so take the time to implement multi-carrier software that collects their details so you can make informed decisions for your company as well as your clients. The simplicity of a streamlined shipping system can free you to foster better relationships, earn more money and create a more positive work environment. Sign up for XPS Ship’s free multi-carrier shipping software today and see how switching to a multi-carrier shipping system is easier than ever.