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When a customer orders a new item from an online store, they want it as soon as possible. Whether it’s a cookbook or an elliptical, they expect it on their doorstep immediately. Online shoppers don’t adhere to a business schedule when placing orders and FedEx believes they shouldn’t have to. The delivery giant has announced that beginning January 2020, FedEx Ground will begin seven-day residential delivery year-round. Since this is a service FedEx offers during the peak holiday season, they will simply continue this delivery schedule for a majority of the U.S. following the 2019 holiday season. This announcement is great news for customers and businesses alike. So, how exactly does your business benefit from the new FedEx delivery days and how exactly will this work?

The New FedEx Delivery Days and Delivery Density

As eCommerce shipping has grown, delivery companies have been searching for ways to adjust and keep up. The introduction of year-round seven-day delivery is FedEx’s solution to meet the demands of online shoppers, as well as a method to combat delivery density. Delivery density is what affects the last part or “last mile” of the delivery process. A process that has needed improvement for decades, the last leg of a package’s journey always seems to be the least efficient and slowest part. In addition to FedEx’s new delivery schedule, they also plan to begin integrating the majority of FedEx SmartPost packages into FedEx Ground. FedEx SmartPost has most commonly been delivered by the USPS on the last part of a delivery, and this part has also caused the most congestion when it comes to getting deliveries to customers. Beginning Fall 2019, the integration of FedEx SmartPost to FedEx Ground will speed up and should be almost completely integrated by the end of 2020. With such big changes coming to FedEx customers, it’s important to understand how this will affect business owners as well and how your shipping management software can help you adjust.

How Seven-Day Delivery and Shipping Management Software Can Help Your Customers

This new update provides benefits for both eCommerce companies and customers in different ways. One of the major benefits of seven-day shipping is that your customers get their orders quicker and more efficiently than ever. For the business, if you’re utilizing shipping management software as well, you could be saving even more money. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so how else is this recent change beneficial?

Tracking Shipments is Easy

When your shipments are eligible to be delivered any day of the week, it’s more critical than ever to have efficient shipping management and tracking software to ensure that your packages are on track to be delivered. With XPS Ship’s shipment tracking software incorporated into our FedEx shipping integration, you can effectively track your packages from anywhere to guarantee they will be delivered when expected. This keeps both you and your customers in the loop, so they’ll be ready for their package to arrive on a weekend.

Satisfied Customers

One of the biggest complaints among online shoppers is how long it takes for their shipments to arrive. This has traditionally been attributed to the fact that deliveries were only made on business days. Although this was considered the norm, a UPS study found that 34% of shoppers attributed how quickly their shipment arrived to how satisfied they were with the purchase overall. With seven-day year-round delivery, customers are no longer at the mercy of a business schedule and can get their shipments quicker than before. Satisfied customers keep them coming back to your business and drives them to purchase more from your online store.

All Items, Small or Large, Ship Faster

In conjunction with round-the-clock shipping, FedEx is also dedicating resources to accommodate the quick delivery of large items such as fitness equipment, furniture, and electronics. With the addition of new facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, FedEx is gearing up to begin delivering large items quickly and right to the customer’s door. Since these items make up more than 10 perfect of FedEx Ground’s overall shipments, the need to ship these packages quicker is more pressing than ever.

XPS’s Shipping Integration Makes Shipping with FedEx Easy

XPS Ship is proud to include shipping integrations for multiple eCommerce platforms that also integrates with different shipping providers. With XPS’s FedEx integration, you can easily fulfill your orders and get them out for delivery quicker. Since delivery takes place on every day of the week now, it’s important to utilize your shipping management software to keep your online store running efficiently. A few features XPS Ship has to offer include: 

So, with FedEx and XPS Ship working together, your eCommerce business will keep your customers happy and get your products to their doorsteps faster. Get ready for the upcoming big changes. You will start to see some of these beginning in Fall 2019, and the rest will follow soon behind. By the end of 2020, FedEx will be shipping and running faster and more efficiently than any delivery company has been able to prior to now. With the world of shopping changing at an accelerated rate, delivery companies simply need to find a way to keep up. FedEx is taking exciting strides towards this new world and adapting to the ever changing landscape of online shopping. The exciting announcement of the new FedEx delivery days is just the beginning of what’s to come in the world of eCommerce shipping. Stay ahead of the curve and sign up for XPS Ship’s shipping integration platform in order to get your shipments out quicker than ever. Sign up for XPS Ship’s platform for free today and enjoy all the features our shipping management software has to offer.