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USPS Merchant Rate Card
Discounted Shipping Rates

XPS has been authorized by the US Post Office to offer the most aggressive pricing in over a decade.  Effective this month, we can likely provide you with rates that are lower than you’re currently paying.  Yep, the new USPS Merchant Rate Card is probably on average, 3% cheaper than you’re paying today.  So, sign up and start saving today! 

With inflation at historic highs, it’s nice to know that you can actually reduce your costs with XPS! 

Find the Most Affordable Carrier

Not only do we offer the best USPS rates, but when you use our intuitive platform, you can compare pricing across different carriers to get your products shipped at the lowest costs possible through the carrier of your choice. The XPS Connect platform will calculate the rates for UPS, FedEx, USPS, and others to compare them all in one place. You can be confident you are getting the best price.

Live support to help you find the best discounted shipping rates

Domestic and International Shipping

Whether you’re sending bike helmets to Uganda or phone cases to Vermont, XPS Connect gets you the best rates for shipping your products. We partner with USPS to ensure that you have access to the very best in international and domestic shipping prices available. We also offer access to certain USPS Postal Qualified Wholesalers for specialized international shipping options.

Access Special Benefits and Discounts

Our partnerships with USPS and other companies allow us to provide special customer benefits, including special discounts. Access USPS discounts through the new Marketplace Rate Card, whether you are a high-volume shipper, or only ship a few orders per month. Marketplace Rate Card and Cubic pricing will save you money by pricing items by cubic size instead of weight.

We also can help you fight inflation and
reduce costs on shipping insurance. You can continue to ship with your preferred carriers, such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS while insuring your packages for less.

No User Fees

We know that your bottom line is saving money. That is why we don’t charge any user fees. Use XPS Connect’s platform, integrate your eCommerce store, and ship all of your packages without spending any more money than necessary. This fights inflation, reduces your shipping costs and allows you to invest the savings in other areas of your business.

Use XPS Ship to find the best discounted rates.
Live support to help you find the best discounted rates possible.

Free Live Support

As an added bonus, included with your XPS Connect account is access to our free Live Support service. Our highly rated staff provides assistance in getting your questions answered and your shipments moving! We know that your time is valuable, so get help fast by speaking with one of our representatives whenever you need them. You can also check out our video library which offers quick and easy tutorials for a variety of topics.

Sign Up for a Free Demo Today!

We want people to see for themselves how XPS Connect can help streamline and flourish their business. Sign up for a free demo today and learn more about our service and the benefits we can offer you!