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PayPal Shipping Integration

Easily integrate PayPal with XPS! XPS shipping software connects directly to your PayPal account through our API. In addition to our Amazon shipping integration, we’re taking the time out of the shipping process and giving it back to you. We make it easy to create and print labels, import your orders, and compare rates with our PayPal shipping software

Benefits of Our PayPal Shipping Software

  • No hidden fees, our service is completely FREE
  • Discounted rates on USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL shipping rates
  • Import any Paypal order in real-time 
  • Easily create shipping labels for Paypal 
  • Print shipping labels for Paypal 
  • Print batches of Paypal shipping labels
  • Live chat support, email, or phone when you need help
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 1. Ship through Paypal: XPS Paypal Multi-Order Shipping tool can help design to simplify the shipping process for multiple shipments. 

2. Paypal Label CreateJust weigh your package using a digital scale, calculate shipping costs, confirm and pay for your label, print the label on regular paper.

3. Paypal Shipping Fees: Shipping your package is made super simple and you can drop off the shipment. Whether your have a small business or an enterprise have saves so much money from using Paypal rather than paying the higher costs.

XPS Provides Multi-Order PayPal Shipping Solutions

Our user-friendly software gives you easy solutions for all aspects of PayPal shipping, such as label creation. Create PayPal labels for your shipping needs in a matter of minutes. XPS brings you the best and user-friendly way of creating your labels by making it easy to print batches with our multi-carrier shipping software. We are partnered with USPS to give you the best rates and the easiest way to print USPS shipping labels for your Paypal orders. Streamline your shipping today with XPS and PayPal. Start using our PayPal shipping software today!

XPS provides multi-order shipping solutions provides several benefits, including:

1. Cost Reduction: XPS Shipping provides an efficient way to process your online orders, and as a partner member of USPS, we can provide the best pricing for paypal order shipping now to lower cost for paypal shipping rates.

2. Saving Time: Printing paypal shipping label and having those provided for your customers can be a hassle and takes time away from you growing your business. With our multi-carrier shipping software, XPS can seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce stores, extract incoming orders and compare discounted shipping rates.

3. Professional & Peace of Mind: With on time deliveries, as a business provider you won’t have to worry about your shipping cost. Easily create, print and ship batches of paypal shipping label.

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