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FoxyCart shipping integrations with XPS Ship.

FoxyCart Shipping Software

With FoxyCart, you can give your customers a better overall checkout experience. As a shopping cart software, FoxyCart makes purchasing simple for your online customers and managing the checkout process easy for you. Integrated with XPS gives you efficient processes for fulfilling and shipping your website orders. This gives a seamless transition from purchase to shipment.

XPS and FoxyCart Working Together

Using XPS’s FoxyCart shipping integration saves you time and money. When FoxyCart and XPS work together, you can expect:


  • Connect to over 60 payment options
  • Style your shopping cart and checkout page to match your site
  • Control the cart, checkout, and receipt process easily
  • XPS offers email, phone, and live chat support options
Shipping integration between foxycart and XPS Ship.

Why Choose Our FoxyCart Shipping Integration?

You may already have a shopping cart integrated into your eCommerce site, but how much control do you really have over it? With FoxyCart, you can customize the checkout process easily and exactly how you want it. This allows you more freedom over your site and gives your customers a better experience overall. Combined with our shipping software, your selling and shipping process will be more streamlined than ever. With our comparison tools and exceptional customer service, you have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best prices when you ship. Using FoxyCart and XPS Ship together takes your eCommerce store to the next level.

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