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Cratejoy Shipping Integration with XPS Ship.

Cratejoy Shipping Integration For Cratejoy Merchants

Seamlessly integrate your Cratejoy shipping with our free shipping solution. Send more subscription boxes while also saving time, energy, and money by letting the XPS shipping software manage and track all orders, compare shipping rates, and print labels.

How does XPS Ship help with Cratejoy Fulfillment?

CrateJoy is a great tool for managing an online store. But having a store is only half the battle: you need efficient, optimized shipping as well. That’s where XPS Ship comes in.

With traditional eCommerce, shipping management is outdated. Clunky tracking, poorly designed label processes, and high shipping costs have kept many small online businesses from reaching their full potential, especially in an industry dominated by big players. These big players have access to bulk shipping services and rates, which means they can ship faster and cheaper than you can.

At least, that’s usually how it goes. XPS Ship was created to remove that problem.

By using XPS ship, you have access not only to some of the fastest and most efficient order tracking and labeling processes ever made, but you can also get reduced rates for some of the world’s largest shipping carriers, such as UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL. Best of all, it’s completely free to sign up. Connect your Cratejoy store platform with XPS Ship today!


What is XPS Ship?

XPS Ship is a state-of-the-art shipping software that provides the best labeling, order tracking, and customer information customization available. It also empowers the user to compare shipping rates across all of the main carriers to ensure they’re getting the best bang for their buck.

XPS Ship gives online store owners the competence they need when it comes to their shipping. And in the increasingly competitive world of eCommerce, shipping needs to be as fast and competent as possible.

XPS Ship is free and merges seamlessly with just about any online store. Experience the difference by signing up today!

Benefits To Using Our Cratejoy Shipping Integration With The XPS Ship Platform

              • Access to all USPS mail classes available
              • Discounts on USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express
              • USPS tracking
              • Domestic and international shipping
              • Batch print pre-paid customized USPS shipping labels
              • Responsive support with live chat, email, and phone support

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