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XPS Ship's integration with Cloud Conversion


Cloud Conversion Shipping Integration with XPS Ship

Cloud Conversion offers both CRM and ERP designed specifically for eCommerce retailers. Using the platform, we help companies streamline and automate their customer service, returns management, inventory, purchasing, and analytics.

By integrating all sales channels into one platform, we are able to act as a single source of accuracy and control over your customers, orders, products, and returns. This unified workspace is capable of deep automation and customization to fit any eCommerce business model. Get your free eCommerce shipping solution today!

How XPS Ship Helps Cloud Conversion Users As A Shipping Software Solution

Cloud Conversion is one of the most trusted shipping logistics platforms in the world. If you’re already using it, you know that it’s a high-quality product that enables you to track, manage, and analyze shipping and customer information as fast as possible.

Now, with XPS Ship, the power you enjoy with Cloud Conversion will get a significant boost. XPS Ship enables you to compile everything you need for your shipping in one platform, including inventory management, shipping logistics management, and even fulfillment.

XPS Ship also empowers you to compare shipping rates across many different carriers. It can even pair you with reduced rates on the major carriers. It’s completely free to sign up, too!

XPS Ship melds seamlessly with your Cloud Conversion account, so you can amplify your shipping efficiency without committing time, money, and energy into a complicated software integration.

What is XPS Ship?

XPS is an eCommerce shipping management platform that seeks to level the playing field between smaller online retailers and leviathans like Amazon and eBay. By providing our clients with powerful integrations and a seamless shipping management experience, we are reducing their shipping times and saving them money.

XPS Ship also enables users to compare shipping rates, and even get reduced rates for some of the world’s largest carriers, such as DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx. This direct improvement to your bottom line is what can separate you from your competition

Benefits to Using XPS Ship + Cloud Conversion

  • Import shipping information quickly and easily
  • Import large amounts of customer data instantly
  • Print thousands of labels without lifting a finger
  • Can be used as a free inventory management software
  • Collect data about current and past customers to find location trends
  • Get discounted rates from major carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL
  • Automatically generate packing slips
  • Cut your shipping management time immensely by avoiding manual entry
  • Live chat support, email, or phone when you need help. Get the support you deserve, 24/7.

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