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Cin7 Shipping Integration with XPS Ship

Cin7 Shipping Software

Managing your inventory, warehouse, and point-of-sale system is simple with Cin7. When you integrate with XPS, you can add shipping to that management system as well. This allows seamless order processing, so you can get your orders out faster. With our Cin7 integration, managing every aspect of your business becomes simple.

Features of XPS Ship’s Cin7 Shipping Integration

Go from managing your inventory to shipping out easier than ever with XPS Ship and CIn7. So, why switch?


  • Manage your warehouse, inventory, and shipping in one place
  • Easily add shipping fees 
  • Import orders to XPS for label and dispatch
  • Keep track of shipment status
  • Import, organize, process, and ship orders 
  • Multi-carrier shipping
  • Utilize built-in Point-of-Sale
  • Live support through chat, email, or phone
Cin7 shipping integration is possible with XPS Ship.

Combine XPS and Cin7 Shipping Software

Connect to XPS Ship’s inclusive shipping software with no hidden fees, and easily streamline your business. Save time and money with XPS Ship’s discounted shipping rates and user-friendly platform. Handle every aspect of your business with ease and keep your company running efficiently. Sign up for free and start utilizing our Cin7 shipping integration today!

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