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BigCartel Shipping Integration with XPS Ship


BigCartel Shipping Integration with XPS Ship

If you have a BigCartel store, your shipping woes will be erased. XPS Ship is the most seamless, powerful shipping logistics management software on the market. It enables users to connect an existing BigCartel store and immediately see the benefits, for free.

From there, the sky’s the limit. With bulk label printing, instant data sync, and reduced rates with the world’s biggest shipping carriers, connecting your BigCartel store to XPS Ship is a no braine

How does the Big Cartel integration work?

A lot of shipping management software makes it a pain to connect your store. Not XPS Ship. In fact, XPS Ship melds seamlessly with your BigCartel store in just a few steps.

All you have to do is create an API token, and then link it with XPS Ship in one step. To begin, go to your BigCartel Dashboard. Then, under Advanced Settings, select API Accounts. Click Create API Account, and then Create V2/V3 API Token. Give it a name (like XPS Ship), and you’re halfway there!

To link it with XPS Ship, simply copy the API path from BigCartel and paste it into your XPS Ship platform. Finally, under the OAuth Scopes settings in BigCartel, change Information and Settings to “read-only”, and Orders to “modify.”

Copy the access token and paste it into XPS Ship, and you’re ready to go! The process takes only a few minutes and works seamlessly to give you the best possible shipping logistics experience. Best of all, XPS Ship is completely free to start using today!

What is XPS Ship?

One of the ongoing challenges with eCommerce is shipping. From managing orders, to paying fees, to handling slip-ups, it can require an immense amount of time, effort, and money to smooth out your shipping kinks. That’s where XPS Ship comes into play. 

By supercharging your shipping efficiency and reducing costs across the board, XPS Ship becomes your pocket ace, ready to surprise the competition with your new lightning-fast delivery times and your ability to provide free shipping to more of your customers. Become the new standard in your niche and enhance your store with BigCartel shipping management software with XPS Ship today!


Benefits to Using BigCartel Shipping Integration With XPS Ship

            • Import shipping information quickly and easily
            • Import large amounts of customer data instantly
            • Print thousands of labels without lifting a finger
            • Can be used as a free inventory management software
            • Collect data about current and past customers to find location trends
            • Get discounted rates from major carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL
            • Automatically generate packing slips
            • Cut your shipping management time immensely by avoiding manual entry
            • Live chat support, email, or phone when you need help. Get the support you deserve, 24/7.

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